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Bisbee panoramas

not pajamas

(just for fun ya' know)
last update 10/16/2007

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alittle too small but the bisbeepark on 09/04/2011, might retune it...will say so~!
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i was in Bisbee on friday 09/16/2011  enjoy the clouds as I do! 
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Bisbee Alley photo from 10/14/2007
Bisbee Alley cafe and stands
photos from a friend (summer of 2007):

Rain and miracles, view individually to make them bigger:




Romance samambido-11/21/2006, at the JonQuil........
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from the panorama above.  Federico Garcia Lorca.......
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What's wrong with this 11/20/2006 photo? let me know.
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A motel view Febuary 19, 2005.
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A pen drawing from January  14, 2005.

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A view January   14, 2005.

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The view October 9, 2004.

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The view from the library balcony October 9, 2004.

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The view in front of the old city hall from across the road June 1, 2004.

BisbeePeaceWallPanorama1228.jpg (25874 bytes)

The view from highroad Febuary 16, 2004.
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The view of the Bisbee Peace Wall December 28, 2003.
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The view of from a balcony November 2003.
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The view infront of the PostOffice October 11, 2003 (blocked Bisbee Street).
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The view from the Old Horace Mann Jr High parking lot on June 7,2003.
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The view from the Other side of the Canyon towardHorace MannOctober 11, 2003.

These two below were taken as I finished a January 18, 2003 Walking tour.

taken 01/2003

taken 01/2003

This panorama below was a gift.

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Just looked at the panorama pictures and I thought I would send you one.  I took while visiting Bisbee last Thanksgiving.  We stayed with Mary and Gary Walker and had a really nice time.   John Love ( future "Bisbohemian" )

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At the post office on 11/09/2002

fromthemineplotpanveryodd.jpg (24402 bytes)

From the mine tour parking

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The view at the end of Adams Ave

pan at the top of the Art Ave Stairs 6/8/02

The view from Laundry Hill toward Castle Rock

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The view from the other side of the tunnel, heading out.

inside goar parkabout 6:30 pm 06/8/02

Sitting in Goar Park on a Saturday evening

looking at the B from the side of the review 6/8/02

Walking down Main Street by the Bibee Review

looking at the B

The view from Highway 80

towards the tunnel

Looking up Tombstone Canyon--can you find the Firestation?

looking at the street

The Bisbee Museum  (formerly the Phelps Dodge Engineering Building)

those old stores

55 Main (formerly The Bisbee Music Box)

my favorite lot view

Laundry Hill View

at the top of the single tree stairs about closing 6/8/02

The Single Tree gallery

This is looking toward San Jose Mountain 2/9/2003
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I need more pixels.

I got more pixels at about 2006 as you move up the photos, you see what more can do for an amature.....